Dear Valley Viking Alumni                                                                                                                        


Happy 2018! I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and 2018 brings you happiness, good health and prosperity. With this letter, I hope to provide you with encouraging news and opportunities for involvement in your high school’s revitalization. I would like to first thank you for your support of the Alumni Association through your membership. Your membership dues provide most of the operating budget of the Valley High School Alumni Association. There are several fund-raising opportunities that are in place or being planned and you can find more specifics at the Association’s web-site. Your participation is invited and appreciated.


Scholarship presentations are made each year that are funded by the Association. The J. C. Cantrell Leadership Scholarship was established by an alumnus who was influenced by Principal J. C. Cantrell’s strong leadership and donated money for this cause. When others learned of this opportunity, they joined in support. If you would like to participate in a monetary way in this cause, your donation is tax deductible as the VHSAA is a 501(c)(3) corporation.


In addition to many thousands of dollars in scholarships awarded in the past years since the Valley High School Alumni Association was organized, the Association also:


  • Encourages and supports class reunions.


  • Organizes and holds Golden Years reunions for classes who have reached 50 years since their graduation.


  • Supports school projects through publicity on the Alumni website and financially.


  • Provides information about the Alumni Association and school activities through the Alumni website and Facebook page.


  • Recognizes outstanding Alumni through the Hall of Fame program with 52 HOF plaques on display at the school recognizing a wide array of graduates who have made outstanding contributions in their field of expertise.


  • Promotes and defends Valley’s distinguished past and values while promoting its promising future.


There are several other projects that the Association would like to support financially, but funding is not available. If you would like to participate financially to help the Association support worthy projects at Valley, your donation would be accepted, appreciated, and tax deductible.


Valley’s tradition of being competitive and winning is being carried on by the Valley students today. The school’s extracurricular activity teams (chess, archery, cheer and dance, etc.) remain some of the best in JCPS. Although football season was a struggle, Valley Vikings fought to win in true Viking spirit. Our basketball team has performed well in two holiday tournaments and Valley returned to the Louisville Invitational Tournament this season with a strong showing.


I encourage you to get involved with fundraising, scholarships, and projects involving the school. You can contact us at


Go VHSAA and Go Vikings!


Norman Hartman ‘68

President, VHSAA Inc Board of Directors