From the President

October 22, 2021


Greetings Fellow Vikings,


We are slowly and deliberately coming out of the post-COVID shutdowns that had a significant impact upon the Alumni Association. It forced us to improvise in many aspects with how we conducted business and in some instances, recover from where we could not. Through it all, we are still standing and that is a great credit to those of us who stayed with it.


You may know me as a graduate of the Class of 1969 and one of the original founders of the VHSAA. With a long career in leadership, administration, and communications, I’ve offered to bring that to the table in hopes it will benefit the VHSAA. Having been engaged in establishing the VHSAA and a couple of stints on the Board of Directors, I welcome the challenge today serving as your President.


We’re going to get back to the basics of directing an effective non-profit organization and keeping you, our membership, in the know about what’s happening with Alumni interests and our alma mater as well. In my experiences, no volunteer organization ever has enough help. If you have knowledge, skills, and abilities along with experience in leading and managing committees, teams, or charitable endeavors, we need you! Do not hesitate to call, text, or email me directly, or any of my fellow officers and directors. Our contact information will be available to you on our website: at the Board of Directors tab.


I encourage you to get involved and come to our board meetings. They can be about as dull as watching paint dry, but the floor will be open at a time in the meeting for your voice to be heard by way of suggestions and recommendations for the VHSAA, along with constructive criticisms—I assure you even with the best intentions, there’s always a better way. Meeting information will be sent out in mass email, on our Facebook page, and on the website.


It’s a privilege to serve...let’s stay in touch!


Joe Goodin (’69)

VHSAA President

502-931-0513 (call or text)