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APRIL 21, 2022


In Attendance:  Joe Goodin, Beverly Jaggers, Garry Reader, Virgil Hall, Andy McCullough, Rick Keene, Jerry May (in attendance but had to leave at 3:19), Leroy Littles (VHS Assistant Principal)


Attending via teleconference:  Lynda Redmon


Absent:  Wayne Carter


Meeting was called to order at 3:19pm



Joe reported on his meeting with Mr. Kelly regarding a possible location for an Alumni Office.  The available space is a maintenance room with two small sections.  One section cold be used during the school day and the other has wall cabinets & drawers along with a small meeting space.   Joe recommended meeting in the school library during the months school is in session, and only meeting once (perhaps July) over the summer break at another location.  Coordination and/or plans that need to be worked on can be done so virtually or by committee with approval by directors.


The scholarship period closed this past weekend, and applications are in Garry’s hands.  We’ll announce our recipient Monday, May 2nd.


Our Hall of Fame Induction is going to be much smaller than in years past, but we’ll press forward.  We need to learn from our mistakes, confront what isn’t working and fix it.


We are partnering with the Vike Squad to manage our website and connect with Twitter & Instagram next month.  Joe will consider looking into whether Mrs. Cotton, or her Vike Squad students, would perhaps desire to host our video conferences.


The ECE coordinator at VHS is still needing some material help but they are currently short staffed and overwhelmed.   We will continue to be patient, but have let her know the Lowe’s Gift Cards we have on hand are hers for use within the ECE Department. 


Joe reported our BOD will be growing!  He gave the Board some very positive background on Elaine Harris Ashcraft (Class of ’66) and will recommend she join the Board during the “New Business” segment of the meeting.  The Executive Committee recently discussed the possible addition of Sandy Sheets Murphy (Class of ’67) who would also be a positive asset to the Board. 



Beverly had earlier texted the Treasurer’s Report.  We currently have a balance of $29,512.40 having received $780 in scholarship donations and $568.66 in deposits.  Two checks written in March have not yet cleared.



            MEMBERSHIP: Beverly reported her email is malfunctioning as she has sent membership reports to Lynda, but Lynda reported she hasn’t received any additional membership information since the spreadsheet Joe sent her back in July 2021.   Beverly reported signing up four new members at the recent Car Show.


            FUNDRAISING:  Mr. Thomas was not in attendance.  No fundraising was discussed.


            COMMUNICATIONS:  Joe reported the new website will go live next month, and we might be able to collaborate with Mrs. Cotton and the Vike Squad to host our video conferences at the school.  It would require permission for them to remain after school (extra credit?) and Mrs. Cotton’s willingness to help us. 


            SCHOLARSHIP:  Garry has two applications.  He thinks there could be a few more coming in, but he does not have them in hand yet.


            HALL OF FAME:  Joe now has a copy of the program (from Jerry) and will get that to the Vike Squad so they can develop a program for this year’s HOF Induction Ceremony.  Currently, based on Lynda’s numbers, we can confirm 41 attendees.  (This includes 9-Pace, 7-Hicks, 9-Blakely, 6-Adams, 4-Thrasher and 4-Mudd plus Mike & Lynda Redmon.)  Rick asked about Board members attending.  Yes, they are expected to attend and will be responsible for the $25 registration fee.  Board members can sign up and pay via the Alumni Association website.  Joe will contact our complimentary guests to invite them to the ceremony.  Jerry checked with Quality Impressions, and the plaques will be ready next week.  Beverly reported Khalil’s will work with us on the catering numbers as we’re pretty sure we are going to need to reduce the confirmed number.  Joe indicated we MUST have firm numbers by May 2nd.   Beverly will pull the registration numbers off the “Square” and forward to Joe.  ALL Board members are expected to show up on May 13th (time TBD) to help set up, as well as stay afterward on May 14th to help tear down.  After he talks with Ms. Currin, Joe will let us know the time and expectations.  The Board decided to rent table cloths.  Virgil indicated he will check out a couple of rental facilities.  Beverly is working on table décor.  The program for the brunch will include:  Welcome & Introductions by Joe, Food Blessing by either Virgil or Joe, Brunch, Introduction of Recipients and Presentation of Plaques by Joe.  Closing remarks by Joe.




Joe recommended Elaine Harris Ashcraft ('66) as a new Board member to fulfill an existing vacancy.  Her nomination was unanimously approved.  Welcome Elaine!!


Joe is working on setting up the Meet and Greet with Vike Squad.  Most likely, it will be the first week of May.  More to come on date and time later.


VHSAA will have a room at VHS on the first floor of the new wing just past the former bus loading dock.  It is currently used for maintenance storage.  Joe has met with the plant operator who will have it cleared for us hopefully by July.


Andy reported he doesn’t have a plan in place just yet for the Food Distribution program mentioned at the last meeting.  He’s working on it though and will report next meeting.


Valley’s graduation ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, May 26th at 5pm on the football field.  If anyone would like to help, Mr. Kelly will notify his admin team, and they will plug us in.


Joe is constantly getting contacted by folks wanting to tag on to our HOF event.  Joe indicated his feeling that this event is set aside for the recipients, and except for the scholarship presentation, he has attempted to keep it that way.  Joe also indicated we need to make some changes to this event…perhaps take out the scholarship presentation, make it strictly HOF recipients, move to a smaller venue, move the date back to the fall, etc.  The Board will discuss possibilities at a later meeting.


Garry suggested that all HOF members should be encouraged to support the VHSAA organization.


Mr. Littles (VHS Assistant Principal) expressed his gratitude to the VHSAA and appreciates how we are trying to help the school and its students.


Garry made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Beverly. 


Meeting adjourned at 4:22pm.