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 VHSAA - Valley High School

Hall of Fame

   Class of 2019   

Mary F. Garrison Alvey ‘71

Maj. Gen. Timothy A. Byers ‘76

*Carolyn DeArmond Cantrell ‘63

Joseph D. Cantrell ‘63

Michael Crowe ‘91

Richard Emery ‘64

Shirley Rose Fulkerson ‘76

Tasso Harris (Staff)

Clyde McConnaughhay ‘63

*Frances Moss (Staff)

*Reason G. Newton (Staff)

Rowe Oakes (Staff)

Kevin Salyer ‘78

Dr. William “Fred” Shaw ‘76

Class of 2018

* Kenneth E. Baker '59

Philip Cease '67

Judy Chandler '73

*Cortland "Corky" Kelly Cox '50

Patricia Walker FitzGerald '67

Randall C. Fowler '57

Michael Hart '67

Nancy Kaye Basham Parker '61

Theresa Powell '77

Dr. Lynda Emery Redmon '69

Don Ray Smith '66

Rob Stephenson (Staff)

Evelyn Streble '49

Gary Wade '69 (Staff)

Class of 2017

* Dallas Arnold (Staff)

Kim Ward Barrie ‘79

Glenn Collie (Staff)

Rev. Rebecca Swindler Curry ‘69

*Hugh Dening ‘56 (Staff)

Dr. Kenneth Dunn ‘70

Wallace “Wally” English ‘52

Ted Manahan ‘65

Sam Upshaw ‘82

James Vest ‘59

Wilma Wilson (Staff)

Class of 2016

Dr. Alfred B. Agee ‘77

* Dr. Alan B. Harker ‘64

Dr. John Miller ‘64

Charles Mitchell ‘67 (Staff)

Dr. Lucien Moreman ‘64

Don Russell ‘70

* James E. Segrest Jr. ‘59

Lester Sturgeon ‘64

Susan Zeigler Troutt ‘65

William “Chico” Underwood (Staff)

Class of 2015

Bobby Ball ‘67

* Dr. Robert Beanblossom ‘54

Dr. Kent Brown ‘72

Fred Copass ‘66

Tenesha Blakey Marshall ‘94

Bob Richardson ‘44

* Irvin Spencer ‘49 (Staff)

Dr. James L. Sublett ‘66

Rev. Paul W. Thornhill ‘65

* Hon. Thomas Lee Waller ‘52

Dennis Williams ‘83 (Staff)

Class of 2014

Pat Dodson Allison ‘61

Jimmie Brooks ‘68

Dr. Bryan D. Carter ‘66

Dr. Wallace E. (Em) Fluhr ‘49

Harry Greschel (Staff)

Dr. Karl F. Hussung ‘49

* Dr. Leroy Knodel ‘72

Jerry May ‘70

Shandelier Boyd Smith ‘92

Marc Repp ‘69

Class of 2013

Dr. James D. Allen D.M.D. ‘57

Conrad Bachmann ‘51

*Dr. Barbara Burch ’57

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith ‘67

* Leonard Kaufman ‘47

* L. Maxwell Sanders (Community)

* Tom Seals ‘62

* Dr. Richard VanHoose (Staff)

Class of 2012

Dr. Kern Alexander ‘57

* Rear Admiral (Ret.) Larry B. Franklin ‘55

Inaugural Class

* J. C. Cantrell (Staff)

* Denotes member is deceased

Alumni, students, Valley employees, or friends of Valley High School may submit nominees on the official Valley High School Hall of Fame Nomination Form, completed in its entirety, signed, and submitted directly to the Valley High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame Committee. The address is on the form.

Criteria for HALL of FAME:


Been graduated from Valley High School for at least 15 years

Have served the school for at least 10 years, or at the discretion of the committee

Demonstrated outstanding success in academics, athletics, or leadership skills at Valley

Achieved outstanding success in their chosen profession

Donated their time and/or financial resources to improve their community

Outstanding contributions to Valley as an administrator, teacher, coach, school employee, or friend of Valley